Help and conditions

Conditions and terms

General terms

Validity - dates when issued ticket is valid for travel.

Availability of fares - these fares are available for online booking at this website and may not be available at our offline sales channels.

Agreement between parties - when booking at website customer agrees to these rules and airfare rules.

Airline tickets

Minimum stay - number of nights that must be stayed in the destination before return travel; often this may include night between Saturday and Sunday.

Maximum stay - the latest date that return travel must start; usually the cheapest tickets do not allow for more than 30 days of maximum stay.

Check your booking online - you can check your airline booking and view timetable at website (insert passenger name and booking number); we send this reference also in our confirmation email

Correct data for booking - customer is responsible for correct data in booking (including, but not limited to name, origin- and destination airports, dates of travel, contact information); in case of misspellings, wrong dates and city-pairs we cannot guarantee that you get the tickets you really were looking for; if names are misspelled and/or correct passport information is missing then state authorities in transfer and/or destination countries may disallow entry or transfer and/or airlines may deny boarding.

Changing and return of tickets - most cheap and medium-priced ticket rules contain substantial restrictions; this may for example mean all or some of these conditions - passenger name cannot be changed, flights and routings cannot be altered, ticket cannot be retuned (or if this is possible, then airline requires fee for changes).

If you wish to get more detailed information about ticket rules - contacts.